Hi there! Thanks for stopping by :)

Villa ceramics is new to this world.

We (Micah and I) decided to start a ceramics business in January 2019.

The idea started when I started to follow a few ceramics artists on Instagram. I felt excited and wanted to share my work with the world too! I told Micah about my feelings and desires. He was really excited to try something new so he encouraged and helped me to make it possible.

We started trying to learn as much as we could about the ceramics world (hint* there is a lot)! Different tools, clays, glazes, styles, techniques, everything! We made some plans, bought a wheel and squeezed it in what was supposed to be a second bedroom ;) I guess any future kids are sleeping with us now! Then we made our backyard shed capable of firing a kiln and voila! Villa Ceramics was born.

I love making ceramics, the simplicity and elegance that comes with it.

I enjoy exploring the different types, textures and shapes I can create with clay. Our hope is that you find joy in USING the pieces you find in Villa Ceramics.